Limp lavender

I picked a beautiful day to use some annual leave! I’m writing from the garden, in the glorious sunshine and my weather app on my phone says it’s currently 22°C, though it feels a lot warmer than that! And yes, mother, I am wearing sun cream.

Speaking of my mother, she gave me a tiny lavender plant recently. I don’t know what I’m doing with it! I have a much larger French lavender in which is doing well, it was donated by a friend looking a bit sad but I dead headed it and gave it some plant food and it is coming on lovely, flowering and lots of new growth. A minor success so far, but I would be reluctant to attribute its current state of not-being-dead to anything I’ve done in particular. I’m sure anyone who knows me would agree.

This new addition though, it’s far too delicate for a known plant murderer such as myself. The tips of the leaves have already browned.

I’m starting to wonder whether an empty Muller yogurt pot with holes poked in the bottom is the best environment for a plant (but I didn’t put it in there, and what do I know?)


I think it might be overwatered? Not usually the issue with my plants to be honest, usually they are found crying out for moisture.

Any advice from more accomplished plant mothers (or fathers) is always appreciated!


One very sad plant

This is not what you imagine will happen when you merrily buy that supple, attractive, leafy house plant whilst casually perusing Homebase. This is total and utter failure. Even as creator of a sad plants blog, this is a low point even for me.


This plant has been this way for some time now (though the relocation to the back patio sans pot is a much more recent occurrence). You may be able to see some slight vestiges of green close to the centre, I foolishly kidded myself into believing it might come back, and these two green parts were the start.

However, an examination of the roots revealed this:


I think the picture speaks for itself.

Are you cursed like me? Let me know!